I've just completely redesigned the wiki navigation bar. The main categories are On the Wiki, Games, Information, About and Community. It's a lot more organised than before and easier to use in my opinion. Tell me what you think of it, I'll keep on improving as sees fit. Enjoy :D

Change Log

Update #1.1(5-5-2013) by The Abacus: I have now added theories and objects to the navigation bar. It seems like I had forgotten them earlier.

Update #1.2(5-2013) by Lorre: "dialogue" added

Update #2.0(17-5-2013) by The Abacus: Redesigned to fit page formats. Does it look okay?

Update #2.1(24-8-2013) By The Abacus: DMT 4 shifted to top of "main games," added "secrets" and "miscellaneous" section

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