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    Last week I spent quite a while writing the article for Lupus Square and figuring out how I was to write it. It did not seem to fit very well with the format of other locations, as it was a large square that had much to explain. I also had no way of seperating that information in such a way that can be logical and consistent. This is a problem I will obviously encounter again later when I write the article for Le Borgoi Pivot and likely also upon the release of DMT4. It may just my perfectionism, but to me the article seems inadequate.

    Here is the article

    P.S. Should the "Locations accessible directly from _____ Square:" be moved to the introduction? I think it would be better there.

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    So far when I've been adding content I've been following a specific format, but I would like to have some sort of an "official" format for locations (so to speak). This should help us stay consistent by having the same information in each section with minimal differences from page to page. The format that I have been following is below accompanied by a brief description of the information that would supposedly be there. Tell me what you think and whether you think that this should be the "official" format for locations.

    Proposed Format:

    Note: all location pages will include infoboxes and table of contents unless unnecessary or inappropriate. They are to be placed after the introduction.

    Mentions in which game the location is found and from wh…

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    Navigation Bar

    May 5, 2013 by The Abacus

    I've just completely redesigned the wiki navigation bar. The main categories are On the Wiki, Games, Information, About and Community. It's a lot more organised than before and easier to use in my opinion. Tell me what you think of it, I'll keep on improving as sees fit. Enjoy :D

    Update #1.1(5-5-2013) by The Abacus: I have now added theories and objects to the navigation bar. It seems like I had forgotten them earlier.

    Update #1.2(5-2013) by Lorre: "dialogue" added

    Update #2.0(17-5-2013) by The Abacus: Redesigned to fit page formats. Does it look okay?

    Update #2.1(24-8-2013) By The Abacus: DMT 4 shifted to top of "main games," added "secrets" and "miscellaneous" section

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