Of course this wiki still needs an immense amount of work. While the Submachine wiki has been tended to by a large group of users over the years, the DMT wiki has been abandoned for a long time without ever going anywhere. Now that people are taking it upon themselves to revise it, I just wanted to list off the major things that need to be done.

1.Pages need to be created. This is the first step. All locations and major characters need to get their pages up, even with just a picture.

2.Content needs to be added. Information and pictures. Nothing needs to be super in-depth yet, but a simple description of a location or a character can be the starting point for adding more detail later on.

3.Everything needs to be cleaned up. It's hard to organize a wiki when it's half-empty and disjointed. This is why I'm hoping to be able to adopt the wiki - once I get owner rights I can appoint admins, and we can redo the messy theme, fix the title, clean up the bad grammar everywhere, and finally start adding proper features such as polls and community messages.

So, right now, we're in between steps one and two. There are lots of missing pages, and lots of pages with no content - namely locations and characters. As well as adding those pages, it would also be helpful to look into improving things like the Secrets section.

So, those are my ideas on the current state of improving the wiki. What do you guys think?

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