The wiki's been doing really well lately, with people contributing plenty of content. Thanks to everyone who's been helping out!

But one thing I've noticed is that there's a problem with creating character articles - or, actually two. For one, most characters don't have official names. For two, a lot of them have ambiguous genders.

This has made me think about how we should go about making character articles. For deciding names, using descriptive terms or things based on their words/actions/environment is fine, and for gender, it's fine to guess one way or the other. Basically, the first person to make the article gets to decide the name, and the first one to edit the article to include pronouns decides the gender. BUT, the important part is that after that, people should then be able to challenge that name on the talk page. If we reach a consensus that there's a better name for the character, I'll be able to change the title/redirect/whathaveyou.

And for gender, I'm thinking of putting a disclaimer on the main Characters page that due to the ambiguous design of some of the characters, the pronouns used in some characters' articles shouldn't be taken as official unless otherwise stated.

Thoughts? Better ideas?

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