The Wheelchair Kid

The Wheelchair Kid

Official name(s)
The Wheelchair Kid
Daymare Town 3
Lollipop, bitter candy

The Wheelchair Kid is a character in Daymare Town 3.


The wheelchair kid is a small, scrawny child with wild, messy hair, and wide eyes. He's wearing what appears to be a long hospital gown. He sits in a corner of the second floor of the Hospital. Although he's sitting in a wheelchair, he's using it improperly - crouching on one of the armrests. This would seem to indicate that he many not need the wheelchair, at least not fully.


The wheelchair kid is a merchant character, so you can buy items from him. He is only selling two items: A lollipop and a piece of bitter candy. Unless you buy something from him, he has no cash. Talking to him will prompt him to tell you "please do not go...please..."


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