The Smoker Giant


Official name(s)

The Smoker Giant is a character featured in Daymare Town 2, who also makes appearances in Daymare Town 3 and Daymare Invaders, as well as Daymare Cat.


The giant is, as his name would suggest, giant. He's balding, with patches of wild hair that stick out on either side of his head. He wears a pair of round glasses that jut up past his head at an odd angle. He wears a large button-down shirt.


The Smoker Giant appears in Daymare Town 2, sitting in Fisherman Alley and blocking the way to the Butcher's Market. When interacted with, he points to the unlit cigarette in his mouth and holds out his hand, asking for a lighter. Once the player has placed the lighter in his hand, the giant will light his cigarette, smile, stand up, and float straight up into the sky.

He makes a brief appearance in Daymare Town 3, where he can be seen from the player's hot air balloon, floating in the sky. He also appears as a bonus character in Daymare Invaders, where shooting him gives player extra points. He can be also seen in Daymare Cat's ending

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