The Little Coward

The Little Coward

Official name(s)
The Little Coward
Daymare Town 3
Rope, window handle

The Little Coward is a character in Daymare Town 3.


The little coward wears a black hospital gown. He has straight, wiry hair that sticks straight up from his head, his brow is furrowed, and he has thick, dark circles under his eyes. He's hunched over, hugging his knees, so his lower body is obscured. He appears to be barefoot.


The little coward sits huddled in the corner of the first floor of The Hospital, near the barricaded front door. When talked to, he will say "I found a way out. But I am too scared to go." He then offers to sell you a window handle and a rope, indicating he realized he could escape from the second floor window, but he's too afraid to climb out it.

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