Sea weed

Official name(s)
Daymare Town 4

Seaweeds are a species of black, furry creatures that first appeared in Daymare Town 4.


Seaweed are small furry beings that have small with eyes. They seemingly use a type of machine to move around, since being stuck has rendered on immobile. Their newborn are almost identical to adults, albeit a bit smaller.


Seaweed live in small cubeshaped houses with wooden doors. Their city has various various technological and magical contraptions, such as an oil powered sand maker and a meteorite shard teleporter. They also have facilities for metallurgy.


It seems that the seaweeds reproduce through a device housed in one of the buildings in the city. The "chakra" of the father is inserted into the device and this causes a new baby to be born.

The player identifies the female parent of the newborn seaweed as a "seaweed big momma". Based on the pair of pictures, the dad would usually be a "seaweed big daddy".


The seaweed city has a bakery, which also has sausages stored in it. However, it seems that the bakery hasn't been used for quite a long time, since the bread roll in it has fossilized.

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