Royal Guards

Royal Guards

Official name(s)
Royal Guards
Daymare Town 3

The Royal Guards are two characters in Daymare Town 3.


The royal guards are tall, and wear identical uniforms consisting of long overcoats, tall white hats, and black shoes. They carry long spears with small tips. Their faces are kept in shadow, with only their white eyes visible.


The royal guards stand at The Gate, guarding the entrance to Le Borgoi Pivot. If the player tries to enter Le Borgoi Pivot without any sort of pass, the guards cross their spears and say "No trespassing."

The passes are too expensive for the player to buy, but if the player steals the Captain of the Gate Watch's hat, they trick the guards into thinking that they're their boss. Thus, when the player tries to enter again, the guards step aside and say "Yes, captain!"

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