Daymare Town 3
The Rectory is a location in Daymare Town 3. It can be accessed via Ra Square by pulling the door bell outside.


The Rectory is small, one-screen location that seems to serve little purpose. There is one screen outside from which we can see the door of the Rectory. When the player first comes to the door, it is closed. By pulling the door bell (of which only the rope is visible) on the left, the door will mysteriously open after a moment's wait.

Inside one can find a room with a tiled floor, two chairs, a table, a clock, a window, and a curtain. On the upper right-hand corner of the screen is a spider web on which one can zoom in on to find a spider. Smashing the clock face with the hammer will award you with two gears. A coin can also be found on one of the chairs.


  • Coin
  • Gear (2)


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