Ra Square

Ra Square

Daymare Town 3

Ra Square is one of the squares that appear in Daymare Town 3. It leads to the Ra Temple, the Magician's House, the Gate Niche, the Rectory and the Dark Alley. The Ra Temple seems to be the prominent building in Ra Square due to having same name and the visible steps which are absent to all the other buildings in the square.


Ra Square seems small compared to the other squares we have seen in Daymare Town (i.e. Lupus Square, Le Borgoi Pivot, Butcher's Market). Also contrary to most of the squares in Daymare Town is it's (generally) circular shape. The buildings in the square contain a mix of arched and rectangular windows and doorways (including some square windows). Due to the size of the square, it only requires one screen to access all of the square's locations. You can, however, zoom in on certain places on the screen. Clicking on the rectory (left of Ra Temple) will reveal it's entrance and can be opened by pulling the rope. From the initial screen clicking slightly to the left of the rectory will show you the screen on which we see a beggar who has one of eyes wide open looking hopefully down at his donations. Giving him money will not achieve anything in the game.

Clicking on the bottom-left of the screen will zoom in on a cavity at the bottom of a wall. A gear is visible there and can be picked up.

Locations directly accessible from Ra Square:


  • Gear


  • Ra is the name of an Egyptian god of the sun. Ra was most often thought to be the creator god of life and ruler of all other gods.