This page archives all the previous polls on the Daymare Town Wiki, and their results. The numbers after an option indicate how many people voted for it.

The front-page poll may be changed by anyone after a significant period of time - allow at least two weeks for people to vote.

What's your favorite game in the Daymare Town series?Edit

Daymare Town 1: 0

Daymare Town 2: 1

Daymare Town 3: 4

Daymare Invaders: 0

Daymare Kite: 0

Would you want to live in Daymare Town?Edit

No, it's creepy: 1

Yes, it would be interesting: 2

Yes, but only if I knew I could escape: 3

I can't decide: 0

What's your favorite location in Daymare Town 1?Edit

The Yard: 2

The Armory: 0

The Book House: 1

City Hall: 0

Quayside: 2

I can't choose just one: 6

What's your favorite area in Daymare Town 3?Edit

The Hospital: 0

Lupus Square: 2

Ra Square: 0

Memorial Park: 1

Le Borgoi Pivot: 1

What do you think of Daymare Town 4?Edit

I loved it!: 8

I liked it...: 1

It was OK.: 0

Meh...: 1

O_o There's a new Daymare Game?: 0

In the wake of Daymare Town 4, what's your current favorite Daymare Town game?Edit

Daymare Town 1: 0

Daymare Town 2: 2

Daymare Town 3: 3

Daymare Town 4: 5

Daymare Kite: 0

Daymare Invaders: 0

Daymare Cat: 0