''Passage People''


Official name(s)
Daymare Town 1
Chinese Puzzle Block 3

The Passage People are a group of creatures in Daymare Town 1. They are seen behind the bars of the passage found in The Yard.


The Passage People appear to be completely identical to each other. They're diminutive creatures, as evidenced by the fact that they can live in such a small passage. Their feet are bare, and they wear a long white coat with three buttons. They have wide eyes set low over a large nose.


Upon entering the passage and lighting a torch, the player finds a group of six passage people standing in front of them. Giving a coin to the person in the front of the group will cause them to waddle toward the player and give them a Chinese Puzzle Block. After the player takes their reward, the leader of the group extinguishes the torch, plunging the passage back into darkness.


  • The game notes that the passage the passage people resides in gives off a terrible smell, meaning it's most likely a sewer.

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