Park Janitor

Park Janitor Room

Official name(s)
Daymare Town 3
Olympic Bronze Medal

The Park Janitor is a character in Daymare Town 3.


The janitor is a large, bulky creature, with what appears to be fur covering most of its body. It has long, straight hair that hangs down around its face. Its arms and legs are bare, and its face is hidden in the shadow of its hair, except for its eyes, which stick out as two bright white circles.


Talking to it will get you only one word as a response, "Sht." This looks suspiciously like the censored form "Sh*t", which is a clue to the janitor's puzzle. Go to the Hospital and grab the stool sample from the bucket in the patient's room. Buy a paper towel from the nurse. Combine these two items, and give them to the janitor. It will eat them, and give you an Olympic Bronze Medal in return.


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