Nearsighted Man

Nearsighted Man

Official name(s)
Daymare Town 3
Olympic Golden Medal

The Nearsighted Man is a character in Daymare Town 3.


The nearsighted man is a diminutive creature. He has a head of short, messy hair, and wears a long black outfit that resembles a hospital gown and covers most of his body. He sits on a chair in a waiting room on the second floor of The Hospital, waiting outside what appears to be an eye/vision clinic. His eyes are either squinting hard or closed tight, and he has a wide, prominent nose.


The nearsighted man has no dialogue, and will not directly interact with you initially. However, if you take the pair of glasses from the desk in the House of Widow and give them to him, he will put them on and smile, clearly grateful to be able to see. He will then hold up an Olympic Golden Medal as thanks.


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