Michelle de la Piaf

Michelle de la Piaf

Official name(s)
Michelle de la Piaf
Daymare Town 2

Michelle de la Piaf is a character in Daymare Town 2. Though she does not appear in the game in-person, she plays a role in the plot, and a picture of her can be found in The Museum.


Michelle is tall, with long, lanky arms. She wears an aviator's uniform, with a helmet, goggles, boots, and a long scarf around her neck.


Michelle does not appear in-person in any Daymare Town game. However, she builds a hot air balloon that is put into the museum as an art exhibit called "Pioneer Balloon." The player eventually utilizes her balloon to escape Daymare Town in Daymare Town 2.

Her likeness can be seen in a painting in the back section of the museum, titled "Michelle de la Piaf with Balloon." The titular balloon is initially missing from the painting - the sign outside the room saying "closed due to museum theft" would indicate that the balloon was stolen. Putting another balloon into the painting will cause a life-size hot air balloon to appear in the "Pioneer Balloon" exhibit, which the player can use to fly out of Daymare Town.