Ill Girl

Ill Girl

Official name(s)
Daymare Town 3

The Ill Girl is a character featured in Daymare Town 3.


The ill girl sits hunched outside the door of the Hospital, which is barricaded shut by the debris inside. Her arms are wrapped around her legs, and her head rests on her knees. She looks up at you with a worried expression. She wears the long-sleeved gown common to many residents of Daymare Town.

After giving her painkillers, her posture will change, as she sits upright and smiles at you.


The ill girl is easily the most talkative character in the Daymare Town series. While most citizens will only say a few words to you, she has a large amount of dialogue.

Talking to her for the first time, she will tell you "I need to get inside. I think its my liver..." If you give her a Painkiller purchased from The Opthalmologist, she will sit up and give a relieved smile, saying "I feel a bit better now..." If you continue to give her painkillers, she will tell you something new each time, until finally revealing she's said too much and thanking you again for the medicine.

Here is her full dialogue:

"I need to get inside. I think its my liver..."

"I feel a bit better now..."

"Now I feel a lot better. Thank you. You are my hero."

"I think this mist is here to stay. That scares me."

"Did you notice that it consumes houses on a daily basis? My friend lived on the Orbust street. Now it is gone..."

"Our darkness is slowly fainting because of that mist. No, I do not know the way out. Why would you even want to go out?"

"I heard there is a gate on Borgoi. But no one can go there anymore."

"Why? Because of them royal guards."

"I said too much. Thanks for the fix man."

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