Foucault Tower

Foucault Tower

Daymare Town 3

Foucault Tower is a location in Daymare Town 3 that can be accessed through Lupus Square once a sea shell has been placed on each of the pedestals left and right to the entrance to Foucault Tower.


Foucault Tower seems to contain only a Foucault pendulum. Looking up the player can see the to the height of the tower, from where the pendulum is held (a rope tied to a wooden beam) and the sky beyond. The walls seem to be made of stone tiles or bricks with the floor also being made of stone. In the far-left corner of the floor a small grate is visible. Apart from the Chinese Puzzle Piece in a niche in the left wall, there is nothing in Foucault Tower that is of interest to the player.


  • The name of the area is evidently based on the Foucault pendulum invented by the French physicist Léon Foucault, which demonstrates the rotation of the Earth.

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