The Fisherman

Official name(s)
Daymare Town 2
Lion Fish

The Fisherman is a character featured in Daymare Town 2.


The fisherman sits on the very edge of the pier in Fog Haven, holding a fishing rod, whose diminutive line dangles above the abyss below below the pier. He's a small creature with a tiny face and long, spiky hair.


The fisherman has no dialogue, nor will he interact with the player directly. However, it can be clearly seen that he has no bait attached to his fishing rod. Attaching a flesh eating maggot to the end of his rod, then clicking on him, will allow him to cast it down into the abyss. The first try, he catches a gian dragon-like creature, with long horns and sharp, prominent teeth. This is of no use to the player, so clicking him again will cause him to release the dragon and come up with a wriggling lion fish.

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