Cherry Ambassador

Cherry Embassador

Official name(s)
Daymare Town 2

The Cherry Ambassador is a character featured in Daymare Town 2 and is located in the Cherry Embassy. The Cherry Ambassador has been stated by the author to be female.[1]


The Cherry Ambassador has the appearance of a young woman. She wears a long, white, short-sleeved gown, and no shoes. Her dark hair is long and straight. Her arms, which hang down at her side, are abnormally long and skinny. When facing the player, she reveals bright eyes and a prominent nose, though the bottom half of her face is obscured by darkness. She walks around bare-footed.


The Cherry Ambassador has no dialogue, nor does she interact with the player in a meaningful way. When the player first enters the Cherry Embassy, she will be standing unmoving in the far right corner of the room, facing the wall, and will not respond to any attempts to interact with her. She will stay like this for the next time the player exits and enters the Embassy. On the third visit, however, she'll be standing in the center of the room, facing the player, glaring menacing. She'll stay in this position for the next two visits to the Embassy, until on the third one she'll return to the corner. The player can continue this cycle endlessly.


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