Daymare Town 2

The Butcher is a location in Daymare Town 2 that can be accessed from the Butcher's Market.


The Butcher is a small location consisting of two rooms - separated by a small window - and two screens. In the first room, meat hooks hang from the ceiling, and dark liquid stains the floor. A drain is set into the left side of the floor.

At the far end of the room, a small, high, arched window lets the player glimpse into the second room - a small, cell-like room with a wooden floor and ceiling where the the Butcher himself sits, facing away from the player. Childish drawings are scribbled into the edges of the windowsill. There's no visible door leading out of the second room, and the window on the other wall is boarded up, thus the butcher is seems to be trapped.


  • Coin (1)
  • Faberge Egg

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