The Armory


Daymare Town 1

The Armory is an abandoned building in Daymare Town 1. It can be accessed from the Yard.


The armory is a small building, consisting of two floors, four rooms, and ten total screens.


Torture RoomEdit

Armory First FloorEdit

Despite being called the "first floor", this room is actually a floor above the main floor. It's a small room with wood flooring and three tall windows in the back wall. A piece of cloth lies in the far right corner. A tall pedestal stands in the center of the room, with a design on the front resembling that of the decorative plates outside of the armory. Once the missing decirative plate has been placed on the outside of the Armory, Chinese Puzzle Block 5 will appear on the pedestal.


  • Cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Sinkmouth Key
  • Chinese Puzzle Block 5

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